Printed Circuit Board: Powering Modern Electronic Devices

A printed circuit board(PCB) is a non-conductive substrate sheet made of plastic or fiber glass with resin composites. It has printed or carved copper tracks which connect the different components and electronic parts to build a circuit. PCBs provide physical support to circuit components. They can have conductors in one or both sides. Some devices utilize multilayer PCBs.

Printed circuit boards are smaller compared to other circuit types. They help reduce the usage of wires which, in turn, helps increase the strength and durability of the final circuit as well as improve its overall appearance.

Components of PCBs are mounted either through SMT (surface-mount technology) or through-hole technique. In SMT, the components are placed directly on the PCB surface. In through-hole mounting, components are mounted on drilled holes of a printed circuit board. Through-hole mounting is an older technology that continues to exist in spite of the emergence of SMT. Its reliability and stability makes it the technology of choice for devices and equipment that are exposed to more hazardous environment.

PCB designs and fabrication have evolved over the years. The circuit board has shrunk significantly with the emergence of integrated circuits. Rigid circuit boards have been replaced by flexible boards or a combination of both.

Printed circuit boards are used in most electronic devices that people use on a daily basis. You’ll find a PCB in consumer products such as televisions, personal computers, cellular phones, music players, and battery-operated toys. The development of multilayer circuit boards offers plenty of flexibility and space saving that has been beneficial in the design and production of aerospace equipment, weapons, telecommunication, medical equipment, defense systems, and computer products.

For high volume manufacturers, the use of printed circuit boards offers several advantages:

  • Cost-efficient
  • Reliable
  • Easy-to-install
  • Economical for mass production

The intricate process of designing a printed circuit board requires expertise, keen attention to details, and a lot of research and development work. PCB Assembly is commonly outsourced to contractors with proven track record in the design and fabrication of printed circuit boards.


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