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Challenge coins were first used in World War I. A wealthy American lieutenant wanted to make an insignia that will represent his unit so he ordered medallions or coins for all the members of the unit. This coin saved the life of one of the American troopers. He was about to be executed by the French soldiers but when the executers saw that he was carrying his unit’s insignia, they spared his life. Because of that event, the soldiers came to realize the importance of a coin insignia and so they began to carry their coins wherever they go.

Military coins
Through time, an identity coin has also become an acknowledgement coin. Military coins with engraved excellence symbols were given to outstanding soldiers who have portrayed vigor and courage in the battle field and their service in general.

Challenge coins have also become widely used by different organizations. Its customization option plays a vital role to its popularity. Here at ChallengeCoins4Less.com, you can order pre-made coins that are ready for embossing or debossing. We also offer other option which is to create your own coin. We will be asking you to pick a material, a color, and a style from our variety of options. Our design department will assist you in coming up with your very own challenge coins.

To give you more ideas on how useful challenge coins are, here are what they may do for various organizations.

Charities and Foundations

You have a foundation and you need to raise funds for your cause? You may utilize the challenge coins as a merchandise and/or souvenir. How? First, you need to create a logo for your cause. We will incorporate your logo on the coins using our high-tech processes. Then, you may sell the finished coins and use the proceeds to fund your cause. You may also give them to your generous donors as an acknowledgement for their support.


Another idea is to organize an event. Invite the people who have been helpful to your foundation. Prepare an awarding ceremony and give them custom coin containing your foundation’s logo. By doing this, you show appreciation to your sponsors. This may inspire them to support you more on your following programs.

Schools and Universities

You started a club in your school? Custom challenge coin is a great emblem for your new club. We can help you create an exclusive coin that is only for the members of your organization.

You are part of an existing club and you want to acknowledge the hard work of your club’s officers? Let ChallengeCoins4Less.com help you create the coin that would best recognize their efforts.

You can also use custom coins to award the teaching and non-teaching staff who have been loyal to your university, the professors who perform well in this academic year, the students who give honor to the university, the outstanding athletes, and the academically excellent students.

Profitable Companies

Custom challenge coins are perfect for events if you are a profitable company. We can have your logo engraved on the coins of your choice—may it be gold, silver, platinum, or brass metal. You may sell the coins on your events. You may also give them away as freebies to your target customers. Here at ChallengeCoins4Less.com, if you order a bulk amount of coins, you will be in for an amazing deal!

You can also give your outstanding employees, loyal staff, and most creative associates with especially made custom coin. We also have elegant velvet bags and boxes, the perfect storage for these acknowledgement coins. You may also award them to your long time suppliers and partners.

Other Government Departments

Custom coins are also visible in police departments and fire departments as their emblem. Brave fire fighters are also awarded with special coins, as well as police officials who were successful in maintaining the law. The same goes for industrious government employees in different departments such as finance, justice, health, and etc.

Custom Military Coins

Astronauts also use custom coins to denote their space missions. These coins are popular in the collectors’ market together with historical military coins, police department coins, and fire fighter coins. You may visit ChallengeCoins4Less.com collector’s coins gallery if you are interested to see the different official coins that carry their own tales.

To be a coin collector, it is not a must to get only the historical coins. You may also purchase innovated coins which are unique and beautiful like our two-in-one coins. We have coins with bottle openers and coins with key chains. They are ideal as gifts for your loved ones.

We can also make a coin that would symbolize a special event of your life such as anniversaries, graduations, and weddings. You can guarantee that the coins you purchase here at ChallengeCoins4Less.com are of quality; they are attractive and durable. Our goal is to please our customers and so we are open to any request on customizing our challenge or military coins.

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    Post give you more ideas on how useful challenge coins are, here are what they may do for various organizations…Read this post here also gives idea about other option which is to create your own coin and a material, a color, and a style from our variety of coin options…Thanks!!