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What can offer?

When the word lanyard comes out of our mind, we always imagine that it is a cord where in identification card or a badge is attached. This is the most common used of lanyards nowadays, but to give a brief history, in the old days it is used by soldiers as an accessory in order to make sure that their weapons are always with them even if they are engaged in doing other things. The use of lanyards already evolved making it a very significant item being used in the military, corporate and academic setting.

Nowadays, there are already a lot of manufacturers and suppliers who produces lanyards in different type. The type of lanyards varies depending on the type of materials used in the production, the quality of the printed images as well as the comfort and style of the lanyard. The demands for customized lanyards in the industry are also increasing and in order to catch up with the increasing trend and demands for the said product, we at makes it certain that we are able to provide our clients with superior quality lanyards which is suitable to their needs and is cost-efficient.

We offer a wide variety of lanyards. To enumerate, we are offering polyester lanyards, tubular lanyards, woven
lanyards, nylon lanyards, dye sub lanyards and cord lanyards. The main difference of the listed products that were mentioned is the main material that was used as well as the style that was embodied in the lanyard itself. Polyester lanyards are made of stretchable synthetic fiber which makes it more comfortable to wear. This type of lanyard is light weight and very resistant to shrinking. We also provide tubular lanyards which are made of tube-stitched polyester fabric which signifies a very strong similarity with a shoelace. Woven lanyards are made from woven polyester material which offers a very sophisticated and stylish appearance. Logos or images can be included in this type of lanyard thru embroidery which adds to the uniqueness and elegance of this type of product. On another hand, Nylon lanyards are made of highly durable nylon fabric which makes it more resilient from ordinary wear and tear. This type of lanyard that we offer in is best to customized thru silkscreen printing. We can also provide dye sublimated lanyards which are also made of polyester material. The catch of this product is that the logo or images that will be imprinted in the lanyard will surely last since it is made thru dye sublimation. Lastly, we are also offering cord or shoestring lanyards are very stylish type of lanyard which provides coziness and archetypical look.

We are also offering lanyard customization at including free color matching and free art work design.

We will make the lanyard with the complete specifics and requirements that our clients want. The lanyards that we are producing also vary on the sizes depending on the client or user request. Customized lanyards are best for companies or universities whose logos or trademarks are necessary to be imprinted in their lanyards for identification purposes. At wholesale lanyards customization of our products are made easy with the use of available modern technology such as embroidery, silk screen printing, sublimation, heat transfer and the likes.

Also, we are offering different types of attachments for our lanyard products. Free attachments include thumb trigger, bulldog clip, key ring and swivel hook while paid attachments include cell phone loop, thumb hook, plastic hook, oval hook, no swivel hook and carabineer hook. At we are assuring our clients that we will deliver lanyards based on what their exact expectations.

In terms of the price, we are providing our clients with product in a very competitive and affordable price. Lanyard prices vary based on the size and the material or type of lanyard that will be purchased. But our client’s assurance is that the cost that will incur is worth the product that they will receive. We understand the needs of our clients for an economical and cost efficient but with superior quality products.

Lanyards, as simple as we think, may be just a simple rope or strap that we wear, but technically it is a functional and useful masterpiece. That is why at, we ensure that we are producing quality lanyards which underwent a comprehensive and detailed production process and a thorough and meticulous quality check so that our products will meet the requirements of our clients and they will surely be happy with our service.

Why Choose Custom Pins

Back in the day, in USSR and China, custom pins were used to depict the political stance of people. They wore pins that show images of Mao Zedong and Lenin, to show off their own ideology. This was also a similar practice in Czechoslovakia in 1986. Today, lapel pins have become a staple accessory in iconic events such as graduations and political elections.

Custom PinsLapel custom pins are created by machines designed to carry out plating, molding and coating processes. The main metal piece which depicts the design is secured by a locking system, and there are various locking systems available. For instance, the butterfly or military clutch is the most common pin attachment used. They are safe and provide enough durability to hold the pin in place. The cheapest alternative is the safety pin type, which also works by locking the other end of the pin to prevent it from slipping off when the wire gets loose.  Other alternatives include rubber clutch, jewelry clutch and magnetic attachment. Another high-end type of locking system is the cuff links clutch, which uses an interlinked metal to ensure that the lock’s in place. The screw or threaded back is another high-end type of locking system that works like a wheel system.

Custom pins have been widely used nowadays for many different purposes. Here are some more reasons why they have become popular customized accessories:

  • Custom lapel pins are the best reminder for a person that he or she belongs in a certain group in the society. The sense of belongingness that a pin provides keeps a person driven and motivated. Since customlapel pins are also used for recognizing achievements, receiving them serves as a special motivation for people to do better and achieve more.
  • Easy to wear. Lapel pins can be attached to any part of one’s clothing, with just a secure lock and durable material. Pinscan be worn according to the desire of the owner, unlike other accessories such as necklaces, rings and bracelets. It can be attached to an outfit’s collar, chest area or even on other personal items like a bag or case.
  • Lapel pins are fairly easy to keep. They usually come in fancy cases so the owner can leave them inside, safe and secure.
  • With proper care and maintenance, lapel pins can last for a long time. Unlike other accessories and metallic ornaments that easily fade and deteriorate, lapel pins never lose their elegance even after years of use.  Both aesthetic appeal and durability can be maintained.
  • Since lapel pins are ideally used for recognition, they are highly noticeable compared to other alternatives. Since a pin is typically worn on the chest or collar of an outfit, it would be one of the first things that a person would notice.
  • The best part of having lapel pins is that they are unique. They are very customizable, giving the one who owns them a sense of pride and ownership.
  • Contrary to popular belief, custom pins are not expensive at all. When they are ordered in huge bulks, they can be acquired at cheap To have a free quotation of the desired design, just search for a reliable lapel pin store online and submit a potential digital art design to be replicated as custom pin.
  • Lapel pins are perfect for those having a hard time finding unisex keepsakes or souvenirs. They can be worn by anyone, regardless of gender, so they’re the perfect universal giveaway.

As you’ve discovered, these pins are not mere accessories – they’re actually superb solutions to certain common dilemmas.